(PECL mysqlnd_qc >= 1.1.0)

mysqlnd_qc_set_cache_conditionSet conditions for automatic caching


mysqlnd_qc_set_cache_condition ( int $condition_type , mixed $condition , mixed $condition_option ) : bool

Sets a condition for automatic caching of statements which do not contain the necessary SQL hints to enable caching of them.

Список параметров


Type of the condition. The only allowed value is MYSQLND_QC_CONDITION_META_SCHEMA_PATTERN.


Parameter for the condition set with condition_type. Parameter type and structure depend on condition_type

If condition_type equals MYSQLND_QC_CONDITION_META_SCHEMA_PATTERN condition must be a string. The string sets a pattern. Statements are cached if table and database meta data entry of their result sets match the pattern. The pattern is checked for a match with the db and org_table meta data entries provided by the underlying MySQL client server library. Please, check the MySQL Reference manual for details about the two entries. The db and org_table values are concatenated with a dot (.) before matched against condition. Pattern matching supports the wildcards % and _. The wildcard % will match one or many arbitrary characters. _ will match one arbitrary character. The escape symbol is backslash.


Option for condition. Type and structure depend on condition_type.

If condition_type equals MYSQLND_QC_CONDITION_META_SCHEMA_PATTERN condition_options is the TTL to be used.


Пример #1 mysqlnd_qc_set_cache_condition() example

/* Cache all accesses to tables with the name "new%" in schema/database "db_example" for 1 second */
if (!mysqlnd_qc_set_cache_condition(MYSQLND_QC_CONDITION_META_SCHEMA_PATTERN""1)) {
"Failed to set cache condition!");

$mysqli = new mysqli("host""user""password""db_example""port");
/* cached although no SQL hint given  */
$mysqli->query("SELECT id, title FROM news");

$pdo_mysql = new PDO("mysql:host=host;dbname=db_example;port=port""user""password");
/* not cached: no SQL hint, no pattern match */
$pdo_mysql->query("SELECT id, title FROM latest_news");
/* cached: TTL 1 second, pattern match */
$pdo_mysql->query("SELECT id, title FROM news");

Возвращаемые значения

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on FAILURE.

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