The CairoHintStyle class

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Specifies the type of hinting to do on font outlines. Hinting is the process of fitting outlines to the pixel grid in order to improve the appearance of the result. Since hinting outlines involves distorting them, it also reduces the faithfulness to the original outline shapes. Not all of the outline hinting styles are supported by all font backends.

Обзор классов

CairoHintStyle {
/* Константы */
const integer STYLE_DEFAULT = 0 ;
const integer STYLE_NONE = 1 ;
const integer STYLE_SLIGHT = 2 ;
const integer STYLE_MEDIUM = 3 ;
const integer STYLE_FULL = 4 ;

Предопределенные константы


Use the default hint style for font backend and target device


Do not hint outlines


Hint outlines slightly to improve contrast while retaining good fidelity to the original shapes.


Hint outlines with medium strength giving a compromise between fidelity to the original shapes and contrast


Hint outlines to maximize contrast