PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.2 series


  • Release date: 01/2012
  • Motto/theme: see 1.2.0-alpha

Minor test changes.


  • Release date: 11/2011
  • Motto/theme: Global Transaction ID injection and quality-of-service concept

In version 1.2 the focus continues to be on supporting MySQL database clusters with asynchronous replication. The plugin tries to make using the cluster introducing a quality-of-service filter which applications can use to define what service quality they need from the cluster. Service levels provided are eventual consistency with optional maximum age/slave slag, session consistency and strong consistency.

Additionally the plugin can do client-side global transaction id injection to make manual master failover easier.

Feature changes

  • Introduced quality-of-service (QoS) filter. Service levels provided by QoS filter:

    • eventual consistency, optional option slave lag
    • session consistency, optional option GTID
    • strong consistency

  • Added the mysqlnd_ms_set_qos() function to set the required connection quality at runtime. The new constants related to mysqlnd_ms_set_qos() are:


  • Added client-side global transaction id injection (GTID).

  • New statistics related to GTID:

    • gtid_autocommit_injections_success
    • gtid_autocommit_injections_failure
    • gtid_commit_injections_success
    • gtid_commit_injections_failure
    • gtid_implicit_commit_injections_success
    • gtid_implicit_commit_injections_failure

  • Added mysqlnd_ms_get_last_gtid() to fetch the last global transaction id.

  • Enabled support for multi master without slaves.