(PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7, PECL >= 3.0.0a1)

IntlCalendar::setRepeatedWallTimeOptionSet behavior for handling repeating wall times at negative timezone offset transitions


Объектно-ориентированный стиль

public IntlCalendar::setRepeatedWallTimeOption ( int $wallTimeOption ) : bool

Процедурный стиль

intlcal_set_repeated_wall_time_option ( IntlCalendar $cal , int $wallTimeOption ) : bool

Sets the current strategy for dealing with wall times that are repeated whenever the clock is set back during dailight saving time end transitions. The default value is IntlCalendar::WALLTIME_LAST (take the post-DST instant). The other possible value is IntlCalendar::WALLTIME_FIRST (take the instant that occurs during DST).

This function requires ICU 4.9 or later.

Список параметров


The IntlCalendar resource.


One of the constants IntlCalendar::WALLTIME_FIRST or IntlCalendar::WALLTIME_LAST.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns true on success. Failure can only happen due to invalid parameters.


See the example on IntlCalendar::getRepeatedWallTimeOption().

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