(PECL mysqlnd-uh >= 1.0.0-alpha)

mysqlnd_uh_set_statement_proxyInstalls a proxy for mysqlnd statements


mysqlnd_uh_set_statement_proxy ( MysqlndUhStatement &$statement_proxy ) : bool

Installs a proxy for mysqlnd statements. The proxy object will be used for all mysqlnd prepared statement objects, regardless which PHP MySQL extension (mysqli, mysql, PDO_MYSQL) has created them as long as the extension is compiled to use the mysqlnd library.

The function can be disabled with mysqlnd_uh.enable. If mysqlnd_uh.enable is set to false the function will not install the proxy and always return true. Additionally, an error of the type E_WARNING may be emitted. The error message may read like PHP Warning: mysqlnd_uh_set_statement_proxy(): (Mysqlnd User Handler) The plugin has been disabled by setting the configuration parameter mysqlnd_uh.enable = false. The proxy has not been installed [...].

Список параметров


The mysqlnd statement proxy object of type MysqlndUhStatement

Возвращаемые значения

Returns true on success. Otherwise, returns false

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