createData() — creates a data object


string createData(object parent);
string createData();

This creates a data object which will hold assigned variables. It uses the following parameters:

  • parent is an optional parameter. It is an uplink to the main Smarty object, a another user-created data object or to user-created template object. These objects can be chained. Templates can access variables assigned to any of the objects in it's parent chain.

Data objects are used to create scopes for assigned variables. They can be used to have controll which variables are seen by which templates.

Example 14.17. createData()

$smarty = new Smarty;

// create data object with its private variable scope
$data = $smarty->createData();

// assign variable to data scope

// create template object which will use variables from data object
$tpl = $smarty->createTemplate('index.tpl',$data);

// display the template


See also display(), and createTemplate(),